sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

Yam Yam colors

Hello everyone,

I made this set because I'm thirlled with the new trends this year and the colors are just mindblowing. I guess this is my most cozy year. The colors and the materials are extremely fragile and soft making you feel truly special and feminine in everything you wear. Even though rough looking leather jackets are IN you can combine them with asymmetrical pleated skirts and get a really feminine look. I have made new obsessions in matter of jewllery, especially for necklaces and rings: big goldy rings and braided necklaces. Soon more colors are going to invade my wardrobe and I won't get enough until the summer is over! Navy is IN again, also. I think mixing a navy blouse and a pair of black leather trousers is such a simple and perfect combination. Moreover, I totally fell inlove with the earrings, which are looking somehow royal and very precious; they give me the feeling that I'm living in the 50's or 60's. The spring has started in pastel colors; how dreamy

        Don't forget to bring your moustacheeeess and party like a hipster in loose blouses and studded shorts!!! (:

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